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Supreme Off Road is your comprehensive resource to delve deep into the fascinating world of off roading. This section offers a wealth of information, from the rich history of off roading, highlighting pivotal moments and iconic vehicles, to detailed guides on essential off road equipment and how to best utilize them for maximum performance. You'll also find information about off roading parks that map out well-known and lesser-known paths for you to explore, each with unique terrain challenges and scenic beauty. For adrenaline seekers, we provide insights into the exhilarating world of off road racing, discussing its different forms, legendary races, and tips for those who wish to participate. With a commitment to educating and inspiring off road enthusiasts of all levels, our tips and guides are designed to enhance your off roading experience and skills.

Off Road Vehicles

Off road vehicles are designed for a variety of terrains and encompass a wide range of types, each offering distinct features and capabilities. They include All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), used for their agility and versatility; Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs), appreciated for their capacity to carry cargo and passengers; off road motorcycles, renowned for their speed and lightweight maneuverability; 4x4 trucks and SUVs, loved for their robustness and ability to navigate rough terrains; and extreme vehicles like rock crawlers and dune buggies, designed for specific challenging environments. Whether you're exploring uncharted wilderness, carrying heavy loads over rugged landscapes, or testing your skills in extreme terrains, there's an off road vehicle built to meet your adventure needs.

Types of Off Roading

Off roading spans a broad spectrum of outdoor adventures, each type showcasing different terrain challenges and vehicle capabilities. Trail Riding offers an exploration of nature on paths, often enjoyed with ATVs, bikes, or hiking. Dune Bashing, typically in dune buggies or 4x4s, involves navigating and jumping over sand dunes. Mudding or Mud Bogging pushes vehicles through muddy obstacles, requiring high power and specialized tires. Rock Crawling tests precision and control as drivers navigate their vehicles over rocky terrains. Overlanding is about self-reliant, long-distance travel over often unsurfaced trails, often in 4x4s or adventure motorcycles. From thrill-seekers to nature explorers, off roading caters to a wide array of outdoor enthusiasts.


Overlanding is an adventurous form of self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the journey is as significant as the destination. Often extending over days, weeks, or even months, Overlanding traditionally involves four-wheel-drive Overlanding vehicles or adventure motorcycles equipped to handle diverse terrains. The focus is on exploration and the enjoyment of the outdoor environment, often taking travelers off the beaten path, from desolate deserts,lush forests, high mountain passes, and even specific Overlanding Trails. Essential elements include off-grid survival skills, navigation expertise, and Overlanding gear and equipment for camping or living out of your vehicle. For those seeking the thrill of exploration with the romance of the open road, Overlanding offers an unparalleled experience.

Off Road Equipment

Here, you'll learn how to choose the right equipment based on your specific off road activities, how to maintain it for optimal performance, and how to use it effectively to ensure safety and maximize enjoyment on your off road excursions. Whether you're a seasoned off roader or a beginner, this section is a valuable resource for gearing up properly for your next adventure. This includes specialized vehicle modifications, such as all-terrain off road tires, lift kits, winches, and skid plates, as well as safety gear, navigation tools, and camping equipment for overlanding expeditions.

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