Off road goggles are an essential piece of gear for any serious off road enthusiast. Whether you’re tearing up the trails on your dirt bike, ATV, or mountain bike, a good pair of goggles will protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and debris, while also providing you with clear vision and comfort. With so many options available on the market, it can be challenging to find the perfect pair that suits your needs and budget. In this ultimate guide, we’ll discuss the top off road goggles available, as well as provide some helpful tips on what to look for when making your purchase. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of off road goggles!

Top Off Road Goggles

1. 100% Racecraft Goggles

The 100% Racecraft goggles are a popular choice among off road enthusiasts, thanks to their perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style. These goggles feature a flexible yet durable urethane frame, which ensures a comfortable fit on your face. The triple-layer foam lining wicks away sweat and provides excellent cushioning. The anti-fog, scratch-resistant Lexan lens offers clear vision and protection from harmful UV rays. With a wide range of lens options and strap designs, you can easily find a pair that matches your style and preferences.

2. Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

Oakley is a well-known brand in the world of eyewear, and their Airbrake MX goggles are a testament to their commitment to quality and performance. These goggles feature Oakley’s Switchlock technology, which allows for quick and easy lens changes, making it perfect for varying weather and lighting conditions. The Plutonite lens material provides superior impact protection and filters out 100% of harmful UV rays. The O Matter frame is both lightweight and durable, while the triple-layer face foam ensures a comfortable fit. With a wide range of lens and strap options, the Oakley Airbrake MX goggles are a top choice for off road enthusiasts.

3. Fox Racing Vue Goggles

Fox Racing is a well-established brand in the off road world, and their Vue goggles are designed to provide excellent performance and comfort. The goggles feature a wide viewport for an expansive field of view, ensuring you can see everything on the trail. The TruLock quick-change lens system makes it easy to swap out lenses for different lighting conditions. The injection-molded polycarbonate lens offers excellent impact resistance and clarity, while the soft TPU faceplate and triple-layer foam provide a comfortable fit. With a variety of lens and strap options, the Fox Racing Vue goggles are a solid choice for any off road rider.

4. Smith Optics Squad MTB Goggles

The Smith Optics Squad MTB goggles are specifically designed for mountain bikers, offering excellent performance and comfort on the trails. These goggles feature Smith’s ChromaPop lens technology, which enhances color and contrast for improved visual clarity. The Fog-X anti-fog inner lens ensures your vision stays clear, even in challenging conditions. The medium fit and ultra-wide silicone-backed strap provide a secure and comfortable fit on your helmet. With a variety of lens and strap options, the Smith Optics Squad MTB goggles are a top choice for mountain bikers.

Buying Tips: What to Look for in Off Road Goggles

1. Lens Quality and Options

The lens is one of the most critical components of off road goggles, as it directly affects your vision and eye protection. Look for goggles with anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses, as well as options for different lighting conditions (clear, tinted, mirrored, etc.). Some goggles also offer quick-change lens systems, which can be beneficial if you frequently ride in varying conditions.

2. Comfort and Fit

A comfortable fit is crucial when it comes to off road goggles, as you’ll likely be wearing them for extended periods. Look for goggles with a flexible frame and triple-layer foam lining, which will provide a comfortable and secure fit on your face. Also, consider the strap design and adjustability, as this will affect how well the goggles stay in place on your helmet.

3. Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for preventing fogging and ensuring your goggles stay clear during your ride. Look for goggles with adequate venting, as well as anti-fog lens treatments or technologies.

4. Durability

Off road riding can be tough on your gear, so it’s essential to invest in goggles that can withstand the abuse. Look for goggles with a durable frame and lens materials, as well as a robust strap design.

Off road goggles are a must-have for any serious off road enthusiast, providing essential eye protection and clear vision on the trails. By considering factors such as lens quality, comfort, ventilation, and durability, you can find the perfect pair of goggles to suit your needs and budget. Our top picks, including the 100% Racecraft, Oakley Airbrake MX, Fox Racing Vue, and Smith Optics Squad MTB goggles, are excellent options to consider as you begin your search. Happy trails!”

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